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Becoming a Referral Parnter

Credit Wipe Australia is a trusted referral partner, respectful of the primary relationship that exists between you and your client. We value the opportunity to partner with you and your broker business to help you grow. When we enter into a referral services relationship with you, it is our expectation that we develop a strong and valuable referral partnership.
At Credit Wipe Australia, we can assist to remove disputable and contestable negative listings from your client's credit report. Referrals partners receive $100 from each successfully referred client, whilst also receiving an updated copy of their amended credit report, enabling you to continue assisting them with obtaining finance. We can also write confirmation of removal letters for lenders in urgent matters, which can be requested from the case manager looking after your client's case.

Our Process

We offer risk-free credit repair for your client's with our money-back guarantee. 

  • Assessment

    Our credit specialists will conduct an investigation into the validity of the listing/s. If your client meets our strict criteria they will be approved for our services.

  • Case Management

    Your client will be assigned a personal case manager who will provide updates to you and your client throughout the entire process. 

  • Outcome

    If the negative listing/s is removed, you and your client will receive an amended version of the credit report. You can then assist them in obtaining finance. 

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